Get to know us

HCS Clean Ltd was created in 2016 and has been growing ever since due to our knowledge, passion and personal touches for each client.


Constance Sperry

An Idea Is Born

Lovely to meet you all! I'm Connie and I'm here to tell you a little about myself - I don't want to go on too much (I'm sure I'll do plenty of talking if you book in for a free consultation with myself!)

I've enjoyed organising and cleaning for a long time now and knew that I wanted to have a career which involved meeting lots of new people and helping others with my skills. 

Starting HCS has given me the ability to do all of those things and way more!

I have two young daughters, a supportive partner and a little dog at home - we're a musical, creative (hence the bright hair!) and happy family but I know all too well how chaotic home life can be and how much I appreciate my very own staff cleaning our home on a weekly basis.

I work very hard to run HCS smoothly and make all of my clients and staff as happy as possible, so always answer the phone or messages to all!

I look forward to the future, meeting more individuals and gaining more knowledge within this industry to continue to make HCS Clean Ltd a success.